Chapter 1 – Exodus

Chapter 1 - Exodus

Join the fight for survival! Captain Kevin Corval, master pilot of the Unified Defense Forces and Nova Squadron commander, takes you through Earth’s history to his present time, nearly 500 years in our future.

[LOG ENTRY]: “Our first major action deployment, and here I am stuck with a bunch of scared skinnies in the officer’s mess. A fine start to my shiny new command post, I must say. I have to be honest though, we got suckered so thoroughly we might as well have been sitting around with our [censored] in our hands! The Tarthet aren’t anywhere near the stupid creatures Command told us they were. They saw us coming and apparently knew exactly what to expect when we got there. Or maybe… Maybe we haven’t advanced quite as far as we’d hoped.”

- Corval, Kevin / Cpt MPlt / Wing Cmd, Vengeance

Producer’s Comments:
This introductory chapter isn’t representative of how the rest of the story is presented. Initially created strictly as a technical exercise to determine if the project was even feasible, it is a straight narrative, intended to get the listener caught up to the opening of Book 2, “Earthlings No More”.

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