Chapter 2 – Arrival

Chapter 2 - Arrival

Corval is sent out on patrol with his squadron while Vengeance makes repairs to get back underway, but the arrival of unwelcome visitors throws a wrench into the works.

[LOG ENTRY] : “The day we got our deployment orders was the very day we cleared Haven aboard our new post, the UDF Vengeance. In all the confusion there wasn’t any time to meet our new CO. I took a few minutes to go over the published portions of his record, and I thought I had a good bead on the man after that. Boy was I wrong. He’s certainly a lot younger than I expected, but he could easily be one of the Regen trial subjects, too. They don’t publicize names in that program yet, so I guess I’ll find out when I find out. Hutsford seems to have his head in the right place, even if the voice coming out of it sounds nothing like what his stat pic suggests. Heh.”

- Corval, Kevin / Cpt MPlt / Wing Cmd, Vengeance

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