Chapter 3 – Conflict

Chapter 3 - Conflict

Nova Squadron struggles with the Tarthet and the loss of one of its own.

[ LOG ENTRY ] :“Finally got to meet my new wing commander in person, earlier today. I think I made the right choice bringing his squadron aboard, even though their arrival ruffled some feathers, particularly with Ender squad. Corval’s record suggests he and his people will make excellent examples for Ender and their commander to follow, and if the imposing man I met today is even half of what his jacket makes him out to be, I’m sure to be seeing some drastic changes for the better very soon. Another one of captain Fordham’s legacies finally put to rest, hopefully. He seems like a man who’s seen his share of action already, though he wasn’t enlisted during the Water War. I wonder what kind of story is behind that scar on his face?
On a more personal note, he just about scared the daylights out of me when the subject of religion briefly came up. I thought for sure I’d somehow been tricked into bringing one of those New Agers on-board! I’ll run this boat into the sun before I accept one of those nutcases into my crew, but thankfully it turns out to be a case of a very open-minded mentality on his part. Though even that aspect of him could be a source of concern, his squad’s performance during the recent engagement has given me some hope that maybe this command won’t be quite the chore I had originally thought it would be.”

- Hutsford, Michael / SrCpt MPlt / Officer Commanding, Vengeance

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