Chapter 4 – Instigation

Chapter 4 - Instigation
Vengeance gets underway for home.

[LOG ENTRY] : “I wish the old man had warned me about the new wing commander.  Corval seems to be about as cocky as they come, but it’s a just a tad embarrassing for me to completely forget that on this boat he answers to me, not the other way around.  Maybe it had something to do with the way he carries himself.  He’s definitely got the scruff for squadron leader, but there’s something more in him that just seems right for his primarily role.  He’s got that balance that we watch for in a good officer; the ability to put the boot where it\’s needed most, and the easygoing approachability that tempers the hardass image that’s somehow become traditional to his post.  It’s obvious his core squadron sees him as more than just a CO, and the rest of the pilots are falling in line behind him as easily as we could have hoped for.  The phrase ‘getting his ducks in a row’ comes to mind, and it’s about as apt a metaphor as any.  This officer’s personal issues aside, Corval and his team are definitely what we needed to fill the slot, and with some luck (and a bit more restraint on my part), perhaps I’ll come to see him as more than just another member of the crew as well.”

- Marhsall, Yelton / Cmdr / Executive Officer, Vengeance

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