[ BSP ] Episode 01 : Studio Gear and Configuration

CMack provides some insight on how the studio is configured for production
Much like the first chapter of the CotG podcast, the first edition of BackStage Pass is a bit of a test, and not entirely representative of what I intend for the rest of the show.  This episode is a primer to explain what I’m using, and why.  I fully expect there will be those who disagree with my choices and reasoning, and I definitely want to hear about it.


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More Accessible (free or low-cost) Alternatives
  • Audacity (free clip editing application, beta 1.3.14 recommended at time of this post)
  • Reaper (Digital Audio Workstation / Non-Linear Editor, not free, but trial is unlimited)
  • Reaper VSTs (ReaPlugs) for using Reaper’s virtual effects/instruments in other sound applications, including Audacity!

4 Responses to “[ BSP ] Episode 01 : Studio Gear and Configuration”

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  • Swampy says:

    Some pretty mean toys you have there !!!
    Regards from your UK Fan base.

    • CMack says:

      Thanks for the compliment Swampy, but the rig I’m running is really nothing too special.

      It’s a step up from the basic home setup, sure, but the idea I wanted to convey is that it doesn’t cost a whole lot to build it up to that level and achieve some spectacular results.

      Next ep of BSP will cover some of the methods used to clean up raw audio and achieve a sound much closer to “broadcast quality”. :)

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