Chapter 13 Script Released

The script for Chapter 13 : The Fall is now released for casting/voicing.

And so begins the effort to begin getting more episode content “in the can” farther in-advance of actual release.

Chapter 13’s script is now live and ready for voicing!

Of course it goes without saying: HERE THAR BE SPOILERZ! (zomg)

Special note: The parts of Deana Sala and Kyr Ilnni are listed as “Open” because those parts have not been filled for Chapter 12 yet.  If you’re interested in taking on one of those characters in 13, it’s necessary to audition for 12 first, please! (see the CastAgent LiveView in the sidebar to view the script auto-highlighted for an open part) :)

You can view Chapter 13’s script through CastAgent, and as always you can follow the status of published upcoming chapters in the Coming Episodes section too.

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