Chapter 6 – Enemy, Part 1

Chapter 6 - Enemy, Part 1

The crew of the Vengeance realize they may have gotten more than they bargained for, as they attempt to establish communication with the captured Tarthet pilot.

[LOG ENTRY] : “What a day!  The Boss sent a commendation for me up to the Old Man for the cockpit shielding system!  Not that I’m not appreciative or anything, but I hope he realizes that I was motivated to keep my butt in one piece a heck of a lot more than protecting everybody else.  Ha!  All kidding aside, I hope he doesn’t start dishing out commendations every time I’m involved with some new system for the Decis.  It’s a little embarrassing, because I’m just the guy with an idea.  It’s not like I singlehandedly make these things work.  For what it’s worth, I’d like to offer up my own commendations to Vengeance’s entire engineering staff.  Without their help we’d probably be a couple more pilots short after today.  So we captured one of the Flathead fighters during the fight.  I’m seriously interested in getting a look inside that ship, but the thing’s off limits and locked down until we get back home.  If we only had the contact team aboard…  Well, I guess there’s no point in wishing for the impossible.  Maybe I’ll have better luck schmoozing with the techs that’ll be working on it at Farside.  There’s that one little hottie on the drive tech team; maybe I could get her number and we can talk specs…

- Liaj, Scott / Cmdr / Wing Two, Nova Squadron, Vengeance

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