About the Books of CotG

Following is a list of the books I have been working on, all related to the CotG universe, listed in their time of occurrence, (not necessarily in the order in which they were written).

Traxxis (working title, unpublished)

An unofficial prequel to CotG itself, this story is a power trip in the extreme.

Peter Harmon is a successful biophysicist who is murdered during a mugging gone wrong, and subsequently revived by an extraterrestrial being who is looking for a willing host with nothing to lose.  Caught up in a covert operation to eliminate violent crime on the planet, Peter gains abilities that give him godlike power, and he is torn between the commitment to complete the impossible task set before him and the desire to regain his humanity once again.

Children of the Gods : Book One : Ashes (unpublished)

Humanity reels from the aftershocks of the first Tarthet assault. The alien armada was defeated by sacrifice, clever thinking and a healthy dollop of luck, but the damage has been done.  With natural resources rapidly dwindling, it’s clear that society will never be able to return to its modern, comfortable way of life.

This book follows the exploits of Daryl Jenson -mercenary and great grandson of Peter Harmon- who has been hired to infiltrate the restricted zone in central northern Canada, where the Global Consortium is building something that would cause worldwide panic, if the reason for its existence were publicized.

Jenson’s client wants to know exactly what’s going on in there, and why, for such knowledge would be worth billions to the wrong people, and Daryl’s abilities make him the perfect candidate for the job.

But after Daryl narrowly escapes with the information, he discovers anybody who had contact with him has mysteriously vanished, and that he is now a hunted man.



Children of the Gods : Book Two : Earthlings No More (currently in progress via podcast)

 Five hundred years have passed.  The earth is all but uninhabitable after a catastrophic global disaster.  Now, humanity’s exodus from earth is long past and its importance in history nearly forgotten, but the Tarthet are back, and in force.  This time, they won’t find Terrans such an easy target, nor will they be able to rely on fear and surprise as the spearheads of their assault, for we have adapted to our new home in the coldness of space, but we cannot forsake our homeworld.

This story follows Captain Master Pilot Kevin Corval and his fighter squadron, Nova, as they fight the Tarthets’ second attempt on our world, on behalf of the Unified Defense Force and all humanity.

Haunted by a past he is almost desperate to forget, changed by the enemy in ways he can’t understand, Corval finds himself at the center of a chain of events that could result in the final destruction of all mankind at the hands of the Tarthet.

The podcast begins with this book, which seemed to make much more sense to me, since I wanted to present a story that was as exciting as it was enthralling, and Earthlings No More certainly has the ability to be both.  I may consider going back to release Ashes, depending on how the rest of the material is received.



Children of the Gods : Book Three : Destiny’s Call (planned for release via podcast)









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