Production Update – 06.11.12

Sneaky production is sneaky

“How sneaky is it,” you ask?  Sneaky enough that nothing updates or changes on the surface, even though tons of new content has actually been created behind the scenes.  That kind of sneaky.

Okay, I’ll quit beating around the proverbial bush now.  Basically, audio production is moving along behind the scenes, even though the main episode processing hasn’t yet started.

You see, Chapter 12 requires a lot of interesting new sounds that are intended to play directly off of one another, to invoke a sense of action and desperation that I’ve been actively straining to attain in previous episodes.  I’m not going to be dropping any spoilers, but the sounds I’m talking about require a more organic means of creation.  This means all the foley pans, buckles and other bits stay in the closet while I get myself accustomed to using my own vocal chords as sound sources instead.

It took a great deal of reading, and a not-insignificant amount of trial and error, but the process flow I was looking for slowly revealed itself, and the results are hair-raising, to say the least!

With that particular hurdle overcome, focus has moved to the production systems, and ensuring they’re ready for the melee to come, which will also include capturing the production process as source material for the next episode of BackStage Pass as well.

Stand by, the real fun is just beginning! :)

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