Site Update

Okay, I lied.  More stuff had to be done.

Previously I said that site updates were completed, which turned out to be a dirty, filthy, dastardly lie.  I’m sorry.

Okay, it’s not as bad as all that.  The latest updates should actually be a good thing, for I have finally gotten caching operational (I think) for the site.

Your first visit to different pages of the CotG site since this update will likely find your browser acting a bit slower than normal.  However, you should find that subsequent hits are now much quicker to display, thanks to a bunch of technical shenanigans (that’s right, I used that word seriously) going on behind the scenes.


Nerdy technical stuff!
The modification will now cause your browser to rely on cookies, images and other various files that it normally downloads from this -and almost every other- website to render the pages, instead of re-downloading everything from scratch, every time you visit.

This is called caching, and previously didn’t work too well with the CotG site, as it broke a few features in the process.

Your first return visit to the site will be marked by a long delay, followed by what appears to be the standard (SLOW!) loading of the site.  Essentially, your browser is dumping the warm beer in the toilet and getting a refill from the tap.  This should happen only when:

  1. You have cleared your browser’s temp files and cookies, or
  2. You haven’t been back to the site for quite some time (in terms of weeks), or
  3. You haven’t been back to the site until after the caching update
After that first visit, though, things should get snappy immediately.

Here at the studio, the difference is most definitely noticeable.

If your surfing experience with us hasn’t improved, or alarmingly, has actually gotten worse, please leave a comment below to let me know about it.  I’m doing my level-best to ensure this ship sails true.  Not just for the show itself, but for everything that supports it (like this site) as well.

Now, I said updates, remember?  I also made a slight change to the way episodes are released and announced, to accommodate better user access, as well as the return of the comments system.  New releases will now show up on the main page of the site, as well as on the Episode Details page.  If you’re subscribed to CotG’s news feed (not just the show), you will still get the release announcement; you’ll just also happen to get the episode itself in the process, so, hopefully, win-win. :)

That’s all for now!  Back to scripting!

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