Site Update – 01.12.11

Two updates in a row?? Yes.  Yes there are.

There have been quite a few changes to the back-end of this site, some of which are cosmetic (like that countdown timer on the sidebar), others deal with core functionality.  Those core features are what I want to cover, so you, our visitors, potential volunteers and cast members, can understand what has been going on during the show production lag.  These are the important highlights you will want to know about.  For the geeks among us, see the previous post for more intricate, long-winded details.

Easier User Login
User accounts are now associated with more than just their username.  Now, you can login using the email address you registered with, and of course your password.  If you can’t remember either your nickname or your email address, let me know at, or through the Contact Us form on the site.
Global Membership
All registered users on the site have global access to every available interactive site feature, such as the BackStage Forums and the CastAgent system.  One login to rule them all! :)
Live Script Availability
Scripts are now available live via the all-new CastAgent, (under ScriptView) and include part highlighting functionality.  All users, regardless of their status with the show, are able to access the published scripts.  However, you will need to be registered as a user on this site in order to access those scripts.  This isn’t an attempt to drive membership, but to help eliminate confusion later on, should the viewer decide to volunteer for an open or auditioning part.
Casting Automation (Coming very soon)
CastAgent provides an easy, automated step-by-step process for new volunteers and cast members alike to submit their voicework for individual characters, right from the site itself.  No more emailing attachments or links back and forth, no more lost submissions in the fast-moving stream of emails!  CastAgent’s LiveView is now an interactive part of the sidebar, so members will be able to launch the audition/submission process from right here on the main page of the site.
Coming Episodes Automation
The Coming Episodes section of the site is also being linked directly with the CastAgent engine, means information on their production status will be much more up-to-date, as it no longer requires manual editing of their entries.

So, in a nutshell, that’s the bulk of the updates that pertain to our visitors and crew.  CastAgent is still in development, so as noted above, not all features are quite finished.  However, they are very close to being completed, and I should have everything in place and operational immediately after the release of Chapter 11, which will happen in a matter of days now.

Hang tight, the ride is about to get a lot more fun from here-on! :)

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