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CastAgent interface updated

The automated audition system is proving to be more difficult to develop than I had thought, so while I’m busy bouncing off the proverbial brick walls of code, I made a small change to the CastAgent LiveView widget in the site’s sidebar.

Instead of being presented with a (non-functional) audition button in unassigned character parts, you will now see a link in an open or auditioning character’s bar, which will take you to the first occurrence of that character on the script page, with that character’s parts pre-highlighted for ease of reading.

If nothing else, it should make navigating the system a bit easier for new volunteers.  In the meantime, I’m still working on refining the rest of the system for the veterans as well.

Stay tuned! :)

NOTE: The code that targets a given character name in the script does not take into account vocal (non-speaking) sounds that the character might be making before their actual speaking part.  If you click-through to the script from the LiveView widget, be sure to scroll up a few lines to make sure actions for the character aren’t presented above the first speaking line.

EDIT: Clicking through the LiveView widget will take you to the script with that character’s parts highlighted, and focused on the first instance of that character’s part, even if it occurs as an action instead of a speaking part.

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