Site Update (Part deux)

Site updates are now complete.

And with that, boys and girls, the site refresh is done, and I can get back to the final stretch of Chapter 11’s production.

While I’m busy beating the episode with a hammer (as one of our cast would so dearly love to do on an hourly basis), have a look around.  Most of the site modifications relate to the administrative aspect, but there are still lots of adjustments that will have an impact on the public-facing side as well.  Here’s a basic walkthrough:

Site Layout
Most obviously, the site’s look and feel has been updated to help enhance usability for our listeners and crew.  The massive episodes banner has been reduced and shifted to save screen space, and the images compressed a bit better to load faster.  The sidebar has been brought up so the countdown timer is visible without scrolling.
Streaming Player
The streaming player application that was being used here was broken by its own update, and the older version doesn’t work at all under the updated site framework, so I’ve fallen back to a simpler method of making those episodes available in a simple separate window. (For us Chrome users: for some reason Chrome pops the new window already maximized.  It’s a known issue and there are many posts on the Web asking why that’s happening, but no fixes just yet.  Simply double-click the titlebar of the window to “restore” it to a draggable size.)
While not fully feature-complete just yet, CastAgent currently offers the published scripts and chapter status within its own interface.  It is also providing chapter status through its LiveView plugin on the sidebar, (just a swipe or two of the mouse wheel down).  Audition automation is not yet complete (due to time constraints in favor of an on-time episode release), so new volunteers will still need to rely on Ye Olde EMail method for the time-being.
Visitor commenting has been enabled on the site once more.  The last time I had left them on, the entire site ended up getting flagged by Google as a malware site, thanks to a sneaky spam bot comment.  Now that I’ve accumulated more knowledge about how to fight that, I’m willing to give it another shot, so feel free to say your piece on any of these updates, or on the episodes themselves.
If you stumble across any problems with the site, or if you have a suggestion or question regarding the site, please feel free to contact me or fire off an email to

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