n. – ee-NAHL

A general bonding of minds, which is carried by a constant stream referred to as “mindsong”.


The y’nal is the bond itself, which manifests itself as a constant feed of senses and impressions.  The closest impression Fido can give me to describe it translates roughly to “mindsong”.  Among the Tarthet, the y’nal is total, allowing all those connected to share thoughts, senses and feelings with complete and utter transparency.

It seems to work on a similar level between us, but I of course have no prior experience by which to gauge it.  Still, I can’t shake the feeling that he’s intentionally manipulating the y’nal somehow.  It’s not always there, but every so often I can feel it sort of dampen down, as if he’s intentionally throttling his mindsong; keeping me from perceiving certain impressions and thoughts.  I’ve tried to corner him on it when it happens, but he just gets uncharacteristically quiet or changes the subject completely.  I’m not sure why he does it, but thankfully he’s never done it when I try to ask him a question that directly relates to Tarthet tactics and capabilities, so I’m reasonably confident that he’s doing it to protect me from something he feels would be deeply upsetting or personally disruptive.

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